Commercial and Residential Water Damage Restoration

Trust ServiceMaster RRH to remove the water, make the repairs, and get you back to dry IMMEDIATELY.

Our water damage services include the following:

  • Unexpected Flooding
  • Heavy Rain or Storm Damage
  • Leaking Roofs
  • Backed-Up Sewer Drain
  • Dishwasher or Washing Machine Overflows
  • Overflowing Toilets
  • Bathtubs or SInks
  • Hot Water Tank Floods
  • Crawlspace or Basement Water Damage
  • Sump Pump Failures
  • Ice Dams
  • Frozen, Burst Pipes

Flooded basements or sewage backups create stressful situations for any home or business. When you need water removal and water damage restoration, just call ServiceMaster RRH. We have the knowledge, experience, and technology to handle any water damage event from flooding to sewage backups to pipe bursts and more! Our 24/7/365 emergency response team will provide an assessment of the water damage before beginning the drying process. Water can cause unseen damage, such as remaining moisture in the padding and sub-floors, and mold growth may occur if the water is not extracted completely.

ServiceMaster RRH performs water mitigation with the most advanced technology and products to restore your property to its former glory. We begin with a customized water damage restoration plan unique to your commercial building or home and the level of water damage. Our technicians are IICRC™ certified, so you can rest assured that your building is in the best hands.

We follow a three-phase drying process:

Phase 1: Emergency Service

  • Inspection of the affected areas to determine if the carpet is salvageable or needs to be replaced
  • Set up of high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers to dry wet carpet and subfloors
  • Treatment of carpet for current and potential mold growth
  • Removal of carpeting including pads if unsalvageable

Phase 2: Reinstallation and Cleaning

  • Installation of new pads and carpeting
  • Cleaning and deodorization of carpeting
  • Cleaning and deodorization of affected upholstery and other damaged furnishings
  • Removal of drying equipment

Phase 3: Structural Repairs

  • Assessment of structural damage
  • Repair of drywall, ceiling, and floors
  • Structural repair, reinstallation, and cleaning

With locations in Superior, Ashland, Rhinelander, Wausau, Green Bay, Appleton, Fond Du Lac, Duluth and Brookfield, we can get your water damage fixed fast and get your home or business back to its original state fast.

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Your business can’t afford to be closed another day. Get water damage fixed and your business back to normal FAST.

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At ServiceMaster RRH, we have the latest technology to extract water and dehumidify your building or home. Our certified water damage repair technicians use the most innovative products to restore your business or home to pre-loss conditions. Our expertise ensures we provide you with the best care when handling any type of water removal.

Don't rush to replace carpets and flooring due to excess water damage or flood damage. Call ServiceMaster RRH now to restore your building, contents, and assets. We'll provide the clean you expect and the service you deserve from water damage repair experts.

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