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Continuing Education for Restoration Professionals

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings holds a wide variety of continuing education classes with the goal of providing our technicians with better insight into updates on restoration processes, equipment, and products.

The goal of continuing education courses is so our staff can serve customers better and more efficiently, as well as obtaining CE credits in the process. All of these courses meet Wisconsin state requirements for continuing education. The classes are informative, interactive, and are worth three hours of credit. For any other questions on CE courses, call us at (877) GO DRY IT.

At ServiceMaster RRH, we like to offer our employees the opportunity to lower your loss ratio and improve the service you provide to your insured's. That is why we have created a training program designed to educate you and your staff about how to reduce the size of property losses. The concept is called loss mitigation.

In the loss mitigation class, you will learn just how much damage water can cause to properties and what steps can be taken to reduce or minimize the water damage. Your insured's are normally not trained to think about things like water migration. They do not understand the actions and effects gravity and capillary action have that cause water to spread rapidly into non-affected areas. When left untreated, even for a short period of time, the loss worsens. This will also cause costs to go up, and you stand a chance of the insured experiencing more problems than necessary.


This applies, not only to water damage but also to most property losses. If a Mitigation Specialist is called within 24 hours, hundreds and even thousands of dollars can be saved. Mitigation Specialists are trained to stabilize and contain the damage so it doesn't become worse. The result is less water damage, lower cost, improved loss ratios, and satisfied policyholders.

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