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Friday 11 September 2015

Whether Due to the Daily Grind or an Unexpected Disaster, Get Your Commercial Carpets Cleaned in Green Bay WI

Posted at 2:12 PM

Whether it’s just a deep cleaning or time for damage control, if you are in need of commercial carpet cleaning services in the Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI areas, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings is who you should call!

Everyone knows that office carpeting takes a lot of abuse. From muddy feet, to spilled coffee, to office accidents like spilled ink or toner, office carpeting can get stained and ugly fast, just from normal, everyday wear and tear.  ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings is here to get your carpeting not only clean, but looking new again!

Unfortunately, sometimes office carpeting can be damaged in ways that are a little more than the average daily wear and tear.  If you have experienced water damage, smoke or fire damage, damage in your office, call SServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today for the best options in salvaging and repairing your carpeting.  ServiceMaster has the expertise to assess the damage and take the necessary steps to repair and clean your carpeting.

Whether it is a routine cleaning or damage control, our trained technicians will examine your carpeting and decide the best cleaning method for the staining and wear your carpets are exhibiting. They will pretreat any stains, apply a cleaning solution to loosen ground in dirt, rinse and retreat any areas where stains did not come up. Your carpeting will be groomed to allow for quick drying and a uniform appearance. You will be provided with an inspection and walk through after your service has been completed, to ensure your complete satisfaction with the job ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings provided!

We recommend cleaning your carpets every 6-12 months to prolong the life of your carpets and keep them looking new.  If it’s been ages since you’ve had a professional carpet cleaning in your Green Bay or Sturgeon Bay, WI office, call us at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today!