Monday 2 May 2016

When Soot Attacks: Restoring Your Carpet After a Fire with Soot Removal Services in Oconto, WI

Posted at 2:20 PM

Soot stains love to travel around and stick to whatever fibers they can find, and for many unfortunatehomeowners, that often ends up being the new cream-colored carpet. If you own light colored carpets and rugs in Oconto, WI, you already know that keeping them looking clean and fresh is practically a part–time job. This fact makes it extra frustrating when even a tiny house fire or cooking mishap can discolor your pristine carpets. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings understands that soot stains can be pervasive and stubborn, so here are a few tips on how to restore your carpeting from gray back to classic eggshell.

Tip One: Move Fast.

Once soot stains set in, they really set to stay. If a fire occurs in your household, don’t wait to get started on soot removal. As soon as it’s safe to return, start planning your carpet cleaning ASAP.

Tip Two: Start with the Surface.

If there are obvious clumps and piles of soot, start by vacuuming those areas first. If the soot stains are consistent and even across the whole room, it’s still a good idea to vacuum, but contact a soot removal team as well. Small areas are fine to do on your own, but excessive soot can be bad news for your lungs and your life.

Tip Three: Dab, Don’t Drag, with a Light Colored Rag.

If you’ve elected to try carpet cleaning on your own, make sure that whatever cleaning solution you choose is applied to a white cloth and dabbed onto the soot stained spot. Rubbing or dragging a rag across the carpet will just spread the soot around and force it deeper into the fibers. The white cloth ensures that you’ll see how much soot you’re really getting out.

Tip Four: Call for Help!

If any of the steps above don’t work for your situation, make sure to contact the soot removal experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Sometimes soot stains are just too much to handle on your own. To prevent further damage, it‘s best to contact the professionals.

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can be reached at 920.336.7411. Residents of Oconto, WI can call now for a soot removal consultation, or visit our website here.