Tuesday 13 October 2015

When Man’s Best Friends Become a Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare | Pet Odor Removal Services in Green Bay

Posted at 2:05 PM

Are you a pet owner? Pets are such an important part of our families and we’re happy to share our lives and our homes with them. But, what happens when your best friends are causing some not-so-fresh odors in your home, odors that seem impossible to get rid of?  There are times when pet urine or other pet issues cause smells that are beyond your ability to clean up by yourself. When you find yourself in this situation in Green Bay or Sturgeon Bay, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can help.

The first step is to identify the odor and the location. Different techniques are used on different materials, and we work hard to identify and use the best cleaning solution for the materials and odor. Whether we’re cleaning upholstery, flooring, or carpeting, we use equipment specially made for these types of situations, and work to remove the source of the odor. The worst-case scenario is that your carpeting may need to be pulled up and the padding underneath replaced.

Once the source of the odor is removed (usually pet urine) we can clean the material.  Carpeting and upholstery can be deep cleaned, and wood can be carefully cleaned to remove any remaining urine or particles. Occasionally wood floors may need to be sealed to prevent further odor from penetrating and to prevent odor from re-contaminating the area.

Some cleaning methods simply cover up odors or only clean the surface, especially those methods you can do yourself. Our methods will ensure that what’s causing the pet odor is actually gone and the area is clean, so that the odor won’t come back.

For best results, make sure to contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings as soon as you become aware of the odor problem, especially when it’s a urine issue. The faster we’re able to clean the area, the better the results will be. Removing urine odor from carpeting or furniture will also discourage your furry friends from continuing to soil in that area! In Green Bay or Sturgeon Bay, there is no better option than ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings! Call us today!