Monday 16 June 2014

What Does Mold Have to Do with It? Mold Remediation Services in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 3:30 PM

ServiceMaster SSRS stops mold from causing mayhem in homes and businesses in Green Bay, WI

Mold loves moisture. In the great outdoors, mold plays an important role in nature. It breaks down dead organic matter like dead trees and fallen leaves. When mold comes indoors, not only is it unsightly, it can be hazardous. Mold can cause considerable damage to furnishing and structures, and be highly toxic to humans. Mold remediation in Green Bay, WI homes and businesses is an extremely important part o maintaining high indoor air quality and a healthy building to habitat.

Why worry about mold damage and toxicity?

Mold damage has a negative impact on air quality. Depending on its form, mold damage can be especially irritating to those with allergies. Mold damage can impact the resale value of your home. When found, one should seek mold remediation in Green Bay, WI immediately to eliminate the many problems it can cause, especially when left to grow.

What time of year does mold like to grow?

Springtime is a great time for mold to grow. It can flourish in basements made extra damp by spring showers. Summer’s humidity can further encourage it. Check your basement regularly for damp areas. Have an attic? An attic is another popular place for mold damage to take hold. All it takes is a little leak in the roof to provide the moisture it needs.

Where can mold be found?

A small patch of mold damage can grow into a big problem. It’s most often found in basements and attics. Mold can grow behind drywall if pipes are leaking. Bathrooms that are not well ventilated can be prone to mold issues. Mold impacts air quality and can be especially irritating to those with allergies.

Hold does mold spread and grow?

Mold reproduces by means of tiny spores. These mold spores are invisible to the naked eye. Spores float through indoor and outdoor air. It begins growing indoors when mold spores land on surfaces that are wet.

How can mold be stopped?

Bring mold growth to a halt by keeping all areas of your home dry. Then, seek mold remediation services.

When mold is uncovered or discovered, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings is able to assist you. When you want the best mold remediation services in Green Bay, WI call the experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at (920) 336-7411.