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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Waterproof Your Green Bay Home and Prevent Water Damage

Posted at 1:56 PM

Batten down the hatches means to seal off the openings on a boat from inclement weather or large waves. Unless you’re close to a lake, you may think this expression would never apply to you. While summer thunderstorms make plants lush and dense, the constant rainfall can eventually seep into basements or other structures; hence, batten down the hatches. If you don’t seal openings to prevent excess water from flowing to an undesirable location, you may end up needing water damage restoration services in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay. Who better to provide those services than the specialists at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings?

Before you get to that point, do a thorough walk-around inspection of both the inside and outside of your home. We tend to use certain spaces in our homes on a routine basis. After a while, we don’t seem to notice the details, especially for those places we use infrequently. When we do spot something, we don’t really know how long that crack or imperfection has been there.

Look specifically at all the seams in concrete foundations, basements, and corners. Search for any cracks, however small. Remember, water can destroy one drip at a time.

Inspect all caulking. Over time, caulking can dry and break away from a building, allowing water easy access. Replacing aged and cracked caulking is one step you don’t want to skip.

Check for any drips from the ceiling. Water tends to discolor areas it touches.

While water follows the path of least resistance, this does not mean it is necessarily the most direct route from your perspective. Electrical conduits and joints may offer water passage. You certainly wouldn’t want water to short out your electricity.

If you don’t trust yourself to find any imperfections, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Make the necessary repairs to keep your home free from unwanted water during summer thunderstorms in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

The next time it rains, you’ll be able to marvel at the droplets on your windows knowing you’ll stay dry. Maybe you’ll even settle down to read a good book.

If you still find water has seeped into your home causing destruction, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings for water damage restoration needs in the Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay areas.