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Sunday 13 July 2014

Tobacco Odor Removal in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 12:44 PM

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings Provides Odor Removal Services in Green Bay, WI and Surrounding Areas

Landlords need to clean their units between tenants. There is no way around this. Different types of smoke, especially tobacco smoke, permeates everything. We at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings are not against smokers. We are just acknowledging that odor removal in Green Bay, WI is required before the next tenant moves in.

Tobacco odor can come from cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Everyone knows tobacco odor embeds itself in clothing. Since clothing consists of fabric, wouldn’t that mean carpeting, drapes, and upholstery would all have to be cleaned? Landlords in Green Bay, WI want professional odor removal services. It would take landlords way too much time to attempt this by themselves. Landlords specialize in the business of renting. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings specializes in all types of odor removal.

Tobacco has specific characteristics, and not only does the tobacco smoke odor permeate fabrics, but tobacco residue sticks to all sorts of surfaces. Take a look in your dryer vent, and you will find brown tobacco residue  – that’s just from drying your clothes after they’ve been washed! Folks who are olfactory offended by tobacco odor in Green Bay, WI want odor removal. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can remove the odorand accompanying residue.

We have the proper equipment to handle the odor removal needs of Green Bay residents. While tenants come and go, tobacco odors linger. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings will deal with the problem odors professionally. If you do not believe us, give us a call. We will let you give it the sniff test when we are done.