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Wednesday 19 April 2017

The What, When, and Where of Emergency Board Up Services in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 3:24 PM

Emergency board up services fall under the specific category of business services that you should be aware of long before you actually need them. You’ve probably seen the results of this type of service before, but if you’re like most normal Green Bay, WI, business owners, your thoughts on the matter likely extended no further than “Oh, that’s a shame.”  Rather than briefly observing boarded windows and doors and then putting them out your mind, you should take note of the nature of the emergency board up services offered by ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings just in case the day comes when you need to make that very important call on very short notice.

The idea of having sturdy sheets of plywood covering portions of your business front may not be especially appealing to you on paper. It’s common knowledge that the image of boarded windows and doors evokes a negative impression, especially in popular media. If your business or home, however, experiences a weather event or accident that leaves the interior exposed, you’ll likely have to sing a different tune very quickly. Emergency board up services protect the interior of your property from damage and keep your merchandise or belongings secure until proper repairs can be made.

When it comes to emergency board ups, speed is taken into extreme consideration. The longer the breach is left open, regardless of where on your property it has occurred, the more likely that lasting damage will be done. Emergency board up services are titled as such because, in the event of an emergency, the delivery and installation of the boards will be done with unmatched promptness. Thanks to these temporary barriers, your property is kept safe and secure while the restoration work is being performed.

Emergency board ups are available quickly and can be conducted immediately. If you’re a Green Bay, WI, business owner or homeowner whose property has been impacted by broken windows, doors, or other troublesome damage, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here for information.