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Friday 12 May 2017

The Underground Life of Water Damage in Sturgeon Bay, WI

Posted at 3:27 PM

You may be one of the lucky homeowners who has never experienced water damage in your Sturgeon Bay, WI, residence, but just because you haven’t experienced it yet doesn’t mean you never will. Sure, Wisconsin isn’t exactly ocean adjacent, which means that hurricanes and high tides are not your primary concerns, but serious damage done by water can be a lot subtler than a tidal wave. The water damage repair experts with ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings want you to know the warning signs of low-key water damage as well as the big stuff, especially when the low-key can be just as devastating.

While disaster related water damage is a terrible and stressful life event that can leave a household struggling, or even completely displaced, the water damage you can’t see can be even more destructive than the damage that you can. The power of water isn’t always tied to its velocity or even its volume, but rather its persistence. Continuously streaming or leaking water can lead to dozens of problems that don’t necessarily happen after in a single instance of flooding. An afternoon of flooding that is quickly restored by water damage repair specialists is very different from months of slowly expanding water damage in your home.

Water damage via slow leaks can lead to mold, structural degradation, wood swelling, and general erosion. Each of these issues can range from simply annoying to a financial catastrophe. Some signs of water leakage in your home can include odd discoloration in the walls, swollen beams or floor boards, and the sound of dripping or running water that you can’t identify. However, there may be times when the signs of water damage will be largely hidden from the casual observer. This type of ongoing water damage won’t only raise your water bills, but can also seriously devalue your property if it goes untreated.

Catching leaking water damage early is vital in order to maximize the benefits of the process, and the longer it goes on, the worse it becomes for you and for your property.  If you’re a resident of Sturgeon Bay, WI, who has been impacted by water damage or is actively seeking water damage repair, contact the professionals with ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website for information today.