Friday 20 May 2016

The Secret Life of Smoke: Where Smokey Smells Like to Hide in Your Home

Posted at 3:00 PM

Following a house fire it may seem impossible to escape the acrid, lingering smell of smoke in your Wisconsin home. It's in the carpets, drapes, upholstery, and all of your clothes. No matter how much you crack the windows and shake out the rugs, it still clings to you. What do you do? You should make an appointment with the smoke cleanup specialists at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings!

The reason why it's important to immediately consult a smoke cleanup professional is because smoke doesn't just remain in the carpet. It doesn't just adhere to fabric, and it won't always blow away with some well-intentioned fanning. Smoke damage often spreads out wide and attaches indiscriminately, which means that not even your hard surfaces are safe.

To truly remove all of the smoke damage from your home may require a complete cleaning. This includes walls, cabinets, hard-floors, and beyond. This is where many amateur smoke cleanup jobs go wrong. Just because you can’t see visible soot doesn't mean that that surface is completely smoke damage free. Depending upon how recently the fire occurred, some particles may still be settling. This means that without proper help you could be trying different smoke cleanup methods for days or weeks.

Some unexpected favorite hang-outs for smoke residue include light fixtures, along the creases in cabinet doors, on top of book cases, refrigerators, dressers, and even on the leaves of large plants. Books aren't safe from the particles as the porous nature of the pages draw the smell right in. Basically, any sill, nook, cranny, or ledge in your home could be ripe for smoke cleanup, so if you’re still smelling it weeks after the fire, you may not have looked everywhere.

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings has the smoke cleanup know-how that will get your Wisconsin house smelling fresh and smoke free once again. If you've recently suffered from a house fire or smoke damage, call today at 920.336.7411, or visit our website here for more information.