Wednesday 10 February 2016

The Problem with Apartments: Coping with Water Damage Restoration in a Communal Living Space in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 2:15 PM

Being a landlord in Green Bay, WI means juggling a huge variety of people and problems without a large amount of notice or time. As rewarding as a landlord position can be, this means that at any moment something could go catastrophically wrong and suddenly you have anywhere from one to two dozen people looking to you for guidance. In some of these cases, the answers will come easily. For instance, say one of your tenants suddenly notices that their fridge is filling with water. As their landlord, what is the correct course of action that you should take?

A: Continue watching the X-Files in your pajamas.

B: Panic and jump the border into Minnesota.

C: Drop all of your evening plans, dig out a toolbox, and see what the heck is going on in fridge-land.

If you’ve selected C, I have good news and bad news. The good news is this is probably the best course of action. The bad news is the X-Files episode might not be re-aired for a month and you just have to live with it.

Depending upon how large your management system is, you might be the only person that your tenants can call for any pressing issues. Without extra fallback options, the pressure can become overwhelming. Having an emergency support network, such as the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings, can save you a lot of stress and, if you catch a problem soon enough, a lot of money.

This is particularly true with problems such as water damage.  Water ending up in places it shouldn’t is a common housing problem that all landlords have to confront at some point in their career. Because water moves fast, destroys belongings, and can leave lingering problems such as mold or structure deterioration, it can be a killer for any type of communal living.

The curse of water damage in apartments is that a problem occurring in even a single unit can mean problems for an entire building. A pipe burst upstairs can mean dripping downstairs; mold in one apartment means a musty smell in another; and discoloration from humidity or direct water contact means spending oodles on paint trying to cover it up. Water invades, seeps, dribbles, and can ruin anything from expensive electronics to priceless family pictures. At a certain point, not even a handy dandy toolkit will be able to replace what your tenants can lose.

So, what can you do when water strikes?

The most important step you can take should be taken long before the walls of your complex see even a droplet. Make sure you know who to call for water damage restoration. Green Bay, WI offers the water damage restoration expertise of ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings, and getting in contact before disaster strikes is a great way to feel secure for your own benefit and the benefit of your tenants.

The second most important step is to take any water damage problems seriously. A dripping fridge may just be a power source failure that’s causing freezer thaw, but it could also be a drainage block that is forcing water to collect under the appliance instead of in the proper drain pan. If a tenant is reporting something pooling, overflowing, or sopping, then a house visit is definitely a good idea. Catching water damage problems early is vital for keeping your tenants (and their apartments) as happy as possible.

If you’ve experienced water damage in your Green Bay, WI complex, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today at to discuss your water damage restoration options.  For additional details, visit our website here!