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Friday 25 March 2016

The Hidden Dangers of Standing Water

Posted at 3:00 PM

So picture this: The storm has passed, the rain has let up, the flood has receded, and you’re left with about two feet of standing water in your Sturgeon Bay, WI basement. Say you saw on the news that it’s dangerous to wade into flood waters, so you stand at the top of the stairs gazing balefully downward. That water has ruined your couch, soaked your family pictures, and for reasons you’re hesitant to address, is starting to smell. Short of buying some buckets and bailing it out canoe style, what do you do?

Well, first of all, the hypothetical news was right. Entering standing water after a flood or storm is a very risky choice. Before you try to de-pond your rec room, consult the water extraction experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Once help is on the way, then you can address the big question:

What could be so dangerous about water?

The first important distinction is that you’re dealing with storm water, not just regular everyday faucet water. That unwanted indoor pool in your basement came from outside and likely brought in all sorts of things with it. Because it’s just sitting there, soaking your belongings, it falls into the category of standing water. Standing water is a somewhat fancy way of saying “water that doesn’t have anywhere to go.” Like a teenager, water that is left alone with nothing to do and no place to go has a penchant for getting into trouble.

This is particularly true in warm weather, and this is where the danger comes in. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of microbes, mites, insects, bacteria, and other disgusting things. If you wade into your basement with as much as a paper cut on your ankle, you could be tempting infections. Contact with standing water leads to all sorts of nasty side effects, so if you can avoid any form of interactions until a water extraction team has arrived, you’ll be in good shape. Keep in mind that even after the water has been removed, there could still be bacterial residue or a lingering smell.

If you’ve discovered standing water in your home following a storm or flooding incident, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at 920.336.7411, or visit our website here to learn about your water extraction options. The types of organisms that fester in standing water won’t stop being dangerous just because you start locking your basement door. Instead, take the proper steps to eradicate all traces of standing water from your home by contacting ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings.