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Friday 3 November 2017

The Hidden Complications of Complete Cigarette Smoke Removal in Your New Green Bay, WI, Residence

Posted at 3:45 PM

Moving into a new residence in a city the size of Green bay, WI, is always a bit of a gamble. You may think you know what you’re getting into on the surface, but lingering issues such as tobacco and cigarette smoke odors can be masked by a bit of clever cleaning… at least until you’re all moved in and settled. Even if your brand-new landlord isn’t actively trying to trick you into a smoky home, you can still end up with unusual smells and discoloration hiding under that fresh layer of paint. The tobacco smoke removal experts with ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings encourage all prospective renters and buyers to check these subtle smoky respites before dotting those i’s and crossing all of your t’s.

Anyone who has ever lived with a smoker knows that tobacco smoke loves fiber. Clothes, curtains, and car interiors all tend to suck in the smell and cling onto it as tightly as possible. When it comes to general home living this is also especially true of carpet. Tobacco smoke removal can be difficult because it seeps into the fibrous materials in carpet and tends to linger even after washing. Cigarette smoke removal can occasionally require the entire replacement of carpets, or at least a serious deep cleaning by licensed professionals. Cigarette smoke removal from carpet isn’t impossible, but without skilled experts armed with industrial grade cleaners it can be an uphill slog that you likely don’t want to deal with right after signing a lease. Especially when carpet may not be the only issue.

Even solid walls are fibrous enough to take on the smell of cigarette smoke. Some landlords and property managers manage to cover up the worst of the smell and discoloration with a fresh coat of paint, but in some areas of the home that isn’t nearly enough for effective tobacco smoke removal. For instance, if you live in a humid area or if your bathroom tends to steam up during showers, the nicotine staining can bleed through the paint and create yellow splotches on the “fresh” coat. This is especially true if a thorough professional cigarette smoke removal session was not completed prior to the paint. New paint is a great distraction, but by no means is it a perfect fix.

Though walls may be out in the open, other areas in the home are a little easier to miss when it comes to tobacco smoke removal. Any type of vent in your home is also susceptible to lingering smells thanks to dust and grime build-up. Since tobacco smoke loves to cling to these types of fibers an incomplete cigarette smoke removal session could end with your air conditioner blowing smoky smells right back into your home.

Rather than hoping the previous tenant or manager did their job effectively, rely upon the experts for proper tobacco smoke removal. Green Bay, WI, residents can contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today at (920) 336-741 or visit our website and have your new place smelling authentically fresh in no time.