Friday 19 February 2016

The ABC's of Smoke Damage in Kewaunee, WI

Posted at 4:00 PM

For the most part, people understand fire. The rules of fire were presented early on in the lives of Kewaunee, WI citizens, and after many years of reinforcement, these rules have been accepted as universal facts:

  1. Fire is hot
  2. Fire is very, very dangerous
  3. If you ever find yourself actively engulfed in flames, stop, drop, and roll

Fire itself isn’t much of a mystery, however, fire doesn’t just mean intense heat and bright flames. Fire also means smoke. One of the dangers of smoke is that there is less understanding of just how dangerous it can really be. There’s a reason why companies like ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings take smoke cleanup so seriously, and those reasons can be explained with the ABC’s of smoke damage; Acidity, Byproducts, and Corrosiveness.

The acidity of smoke is truly the root of most smoke damage related problems. When fire breaks objects down into smaller particle components, those components generally consist of materials that contain some amount of acidity. The smoke that is created during this reaction carries these acidic components throughout your home. When the smoke has dissipated or settled, it leaves residue of these acidic materials in the form of soot. But soot is only one of several byproducts that come from a fire.

Along with soot, other smoke damage byproducts include visible discoloration or staining on walls, furniture, and any surfaces in your home. Another byproduct is the lingering stench which keeps everything smelling like smoke long after the flames have receded. Some byproducts of smoke damage, like stains and smells, may seem like they’re just an annoyance, but any form of smoke lingering in your house should be professionally dealt with. Smoke cleanup isn’t just for the obvious black stain on your kitchen ceiling; it includes all aspects of smoke and the byproducts it brings along. This is because the most dangerous aspect of smoke damage, corrosion, can occur long after the initial damages have been cleared away.

Corrosiveness is what makes smoke cleanup time sensitive. As discussed above, the byproducts of smoke damage contain acid, and when left to its own devices, acid will eat away at your home. Corrosion can cause pipes to rust prematurely or foundations to crumble unexpectedly. It can mean permanent discoloration in your walls and long term costs for home repair. A lingering smell of smoke or obvious soot stains can indicate that it’s time to consult smoke cleanup professionals. Smoke byproducts not only corrode your home; they can also cause permanent damage to your lungs as well.

If your Kewaunee, WI home has suffered from any amount of smoke damage, please consult the experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings to discuss smoke cleanup options. Call today at 920.336.7411, or visit our website here. Now that you know the ABC’s of smoke damage, make sure that you take special care to avoid any of the ill effects that come about from extensive smoke exposure.