Thursday 14 July 2016

Taming a Grease Fire and Available Fire Damage Restoration in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 2:26 PM

Grease can be very bad for a person’s health. Not just because it might be clogging some arteries, but also because grease leads to some of the most dangerous fire damage scenarios that can occur in your kitchen. Grease fires are notoriously stubborn to put out and can burn extremely hot. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings’ fire damage restoration experts encourage all kitchen users in the Green Bay, WI area to review these common methods of preventing and squelching a grease fire before it causes any real damage.

The number one rule for grease fires is that whatever you do, do NOT throw water onto the fire. This rule is partially why grease fires are so hazardous; it requires you to forget everything you’ve internalized about firefighting in a split second and react accordingly. For grease fires, the secret is to smother instead of drown. Turn off the burner and use whatever lids are within reach to prevent any more oxygen from feeding that flame. Step away and immediately call the fire department.

The key to preventing grease fires is to know your ingredients. Different oils and fats have different smoke points, and once they start to smoke they may be at risk for ignition. Plus, that smoke can be a huge contributing factor to fire damage from a grease fire. It can contain an oily residue that has the potential to stain walls, erode paints, and linger far too long in your olfactory system. Though the threat of fire damage from the fire itself is very real (especially if you try and put the flame out improperly), that sticky, smoky substance may be the biggest challenge following a kitchen accident.

When it comes to grease fires and preventing fire damage it’s best to stay vigilant. Check the smoke points on your oils, watch your cooking very closely, and always have something on hand to smother a fire. Fire damage restoration is available following an incident, but prevention is always the best way to deal with disasters.

If you’re in the Green Bay, WI area and require fire damage restoration following a grease fire, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here. Fire damage can gut a kitchen, stain a wall, or just fizzle out before it even begins. Be prepared, and always work towards the latter.