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Wednesday 27 June 2018

Summertime School Cleaning for Your Green Bay, WI Educational Facility

Posted at 9:15 AM

The school year is winding down in Green Bay, WI which means teachers and students alike are clamoring to get out of the classroom and into summer vacation. For the professionals here at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings, it’s time to get back into school for some serious summer school cleaning. Our job is to make sure your school is raring and ready to go next fall for another busy year, and there’s plenty of reasons why summer is a great time to get that cleaning started.

Effective school cleaning happens all year round, but the summertime is an excellent time to really get everything clean, pristine, and disinfected before the next school year begins. Desks can be pulled from classrooms, lunchrooms can be disassembled, and floors can be cleaned without the intrusion of constant student movement. This means you can thoroughly cleanse a school from the ground up, and the benefits aren’t just visual.

School cleaning isn’t just about looks or reputation – it’s also about basic student and teacher health. Proper education cleaning improves school air quality, reduces risks of asthma and allergy attacks, and increases general student comfort on a day-to-day basis. With effective education cleaning you’re also fostering an effective learning environment.

Dirty environments lead to distraction and disuse, so getting ahead of it with summer school cleaning is a great way to prevent a problem before it even begins. Education cleaning is centered around making sure all of the materials, furniture, and facilities in your school system are student-ready as soon as they need to be without interrupting daily classes or summer activities.

If you’re interested in year-round education cleaning at your Green Bay, WI school or utilizing the summertime for some in-depth school cleaning, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here to find out more!