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Tuesday 16 August 2016

Soot Cleaning for your Kewaunee, WI Curtains

Posted at 2:28 PM

Soot cleaning in your Kewaunee, WI, home is no joke. After a fire or smoky incident it can be difficult to free yourself from the lingering smell and streaking that soot leaves behind. Soot removal is best left to professionals like ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings because of its tendency to stick and spread, but a little bit of elbow grease can give your sullied curtains another chance.

First, take the curtains down before starting the cleaning process. Soot cleaning is already dirty business, and trying to clean your curtains vertically might spread the residue around. If possible, do the first stages of the soot removal outside and away from other transferable materials.

After you’ve found a wide, clean space away from your other furniture, start the soot removal by shaking the curtains out. This step seems rudimentary because it is! Not all soot stains may be fully set into the material. A good shake can get some of the surface soot off and can shake loose some deeper soot as well. If the soot-producing incident just occurred, you may be lucky enough to shake away most of the lingering soot. If the curtains are already looking pretty fresh, then just finish with a brusque pat down with the flat of your hand. If there’s still a lot of soot left and friction seems to make the problem worse, it’s time to incorporate a little technology.

Soot removal can be made quite easy with the use of a classic dry vacuum. This is another reason why you should make sure the curtains are not hanging vertically before cleaning; vacuuming hanging fabric isn’t any good for the decor or for your vacuum unit. Evenly run the hose over the soot stained parts of the curtains. If you have a flat hose attachment, this is a great option as well. As before, if at any point during the soot cleaning process the soot spreads or smears, take a step back and reconsider your cleaning method. If the stains run too deep, professional intervention may be a better solution.

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can attend to all of your soot removal needs in the Kewaunee, WI,area. If the dry outdoor methods don’t make a dent, contact us today at (920) 336–7411 and inquire about oursoot cleaning services. But don’t wait too long; without intervention that musky, smoky smell may just stick around for good!