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Thursday 17 November 2016

Practicing Practical Oven Safety Over the Holiday Season in Kewaunee, WI

Posted at 2:46 PM

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many Kewaunee, WI, families are starting to organize menus, flights, and seating arrangements. Along with these real-life plans coming together, countless hokey holiday movies are also working their way back onto cable TV. In proper Thanksgiving spirit, many such films feature haphazard holiday meals and catastrophic turkey disasters, all with a healthy layer of family dysfunction on top. While these flicks are fun to watch (and occasionally mock), in some ways they can actually reflect reality. Catastrophic turkey disasters do happen, but usually they yield less comedic results. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings urges you to have fun this holiday season, but also to take fire damage safety very seriously.

It’s easy to think that you have a pretty good grasp on how your oven operates, but when you’re working on a deadline and you have about twenty extra bodies in the kitchen, things can get a bit dicey—and not in the cutting way. If you’re trying to practice proper fire damage mitigation techniques, then there are a few things to make sure you keep an eye on.

First and foremost, know your cookware. Make sure that whatever you’re putting into the oven is actually oven-friendly. If a dish cracks mid-bake and grease drips onto the bottom of your oven, you could be in big trouble. Similarly, if you’re cooking with any grease at all, make sure the sides of your bake-ware are high enough to prevent spillage. Fire damage can occur quickly in the kitchen if grease ignites unexpectedly.

If you’re sure that your bake-ware is oven-safe, do a safety check of any baking papers and foils as well. Parchment paper, for instance, is a great asset if you’re trying to prevent sticking, but if it touches the hot oven walls it can ignite almost instantly. If there’s a chance of this happening, the packaging should say so under the instructions. Fire damage mitigation relies upon your willingness to take an extra step and read the warning labels on your cooking accessories before putting them on a heat source.

And finally, never leave open flames unattended. It’s one thing to step away and open the door, but another thing entirely to try and catch the second half of a game while something is frying. Fire damage can happen quickly, and it can ruin much more than the stuffing.

If you’ve experienced fire damage in your Kewaunee, WI, home or need assistance with fire damage mitigation, contact the experts with ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at (920) 336-7411 or visit their website here. Keep your family, yourself, and your turkey safe from fire damage this season!