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Tuesday 14 February 2017

Not Sweating the Sticky Stuff With Your Green Bay, WI, Carpet Care

Posted at 3:16 PM

The most rudimentary type of carpet care is almost definitely stain removal. If you spend any time at all in your Green Bay, WI, home, you’ve probably encountered (and caused) some serious carpet stains. It could be an absent-minded stomp inside with muddy boots or a mishandled glass of something deeply hued. The good news is that even though some stains are tougher than others, stain removal is often straightforward; especially with the professional help of carpet care experts such as those at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings.  But when it comes to sticky stains, things get a little more complex.

Part of the problem with sticky stains on carpet is that they tend to attract even more trouble after they’ve settled in. Dirt, pet hair, dust, and any other stray particles can find their way into the sticky trap, which in the world of carpet care means that things can quickly go from gross to grosser.  What was once a small circle of slightly sticky residue quickly becomes a mess-nest in the span of a single day.

Treating sticky spots can also be difficult because sometimes they aren’t as obvious as a plain ol’ stain.  If you’re getting your carpets cleaned, a dark red blotch will certainly get more attention than a forgotten spot of clear, syrupy soda. Because of this, speedy cleanup is vital in sticky mishaps. If you can mop it before it sticks, you’ll be in much better shape. You may think that sticky spots resolve themselves since the stickiness likely won’t last forever, but often after sticky comes brittle, and there’s nothing more off-putting in carpet care than an unexpected crunch (yuck!).

If you’ve discovered a sticky spot during your carpet care routine, it’s time to have your carpets cleaned by the experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings.  Green Bay, WI, residents can call at (920) 336-741 or visit their website here for more information. Don’t let a single sticky spot become something so much worse… reach out today.