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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Mold Remediation in Oconto, WI, and Why it Matters

Posted at 3:29 PM

It’s probably fair to assume that most adults growing up in Oconto, WI have encountered mold at least once during their adult life. Whether it’s it the fridge or the basement, mold is a fairly ordinary part of owning a home. What separates those bits of fuzz on your oranges from the potentially dangerous spots in your cellar? It may be best to let the mold remediation experts with ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings investigate on your behalf…for your convenience, as well as your safety.

In nature, mold is actually a pretty handy type of organism, and yes, it’s alive. Mold has the ability to break down substances into different types of nutrients, not only to feed itself, but also to feed its surroundings. In the autumn, for instance, one of mold’s jobs is to decompose the leaves that fall to the ground and turn them into fertilizer for the soil. When mold finds its way into your home, you get all of the decomposition with none of the added benefits.

As you probably already know, mold’s favorite haunts include anywhere that stays damp for a long time. For some households this can lead to a need for mold remediation in the attic, basement, bathrooms, or pretty much anywhere that has a tendency towards excessive humidity. To make things worse, do-it-yourself mold removal is often an uphill battle due to mold’s reproduction methods. Specifically, mold reproduces quickly by releasing spores into the air, and these spores adhere to new, damp spots. Even if you scrub and scrub, there could still be little spores just waiting to touch down.

What’s most important to understand about mold removal is that those little spores aren’t like the harmless dust particles that you kick up while cleaning. Mold spores can cause illness, exacerbate existing conditions, or even be fatal under the right circumstances. Because of this, mold removal and complete mold remediation should always be handled by a professional.

If your Oconto, WI home has been effected by mold, please contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here for information on our mold remediation services and speedy mold removal options. If you’ve spotted mold in your home, don’t hesitate – call today!