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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Little Winter Hazards and How Regular Home Cleaning Services Can Keep Them at Bay in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 3:50 PM

Anyone who has spent more than a few years living in Green Bay, WI, is probably familiar with the obnoxious side effects of an intense winter. Salt, sand, and melted ice are likely to get just about everywhere you don’t want them which is not only a residential cleaning nightmare but also occasionally a real home danger. The home cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can do more than just spruce up your carpets; we can also ensure that your home is safe and hazard free during the winter months.

Residential cleaning hazards aren’t always as severe as a bursting pipe, they can be as small as a simple slippery floor. Even if you always try to leave your boots at the door (also a great residential cleaning tip) hats, scarves, and coats can still bring enough snow into your home to create slipping hazards. A few drips on the carpet likely won’t be an issue, but a little puddle on your tile is a possible future fall waiting to happen. This can be especially dangerous near poorly sealed doors and garages. A small puddle can turn into thin, slick ice in no time.

Water isn’t the only source of trouble in the winter months. Salt and sand when working together can be a nightmare when introduced to fibrous materials such as throw rugs and carpets. Salt and sand can cause stiffness, bunching, and odd bumps on rugs that can lead to tripping hazards for children, the elderly, and healthy, but absentminded adults. Regular home cleaning services can keep your carpets and rugs soft and smooth even when your sidewalk is a salty mess.

If your Green Bay, WI, home is struggling to stay clean and safe through the winter months, contact our professional home cleaning service, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Residential cleaning can be a pain all year round but rarely is it as hazardous as it is in the winter. Stay safe and stay clean by calling us today at (920) 336-7411 or by visiting our website here.