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Wednesday 3 October 2018

Late Summer Upholstery Cleaning for Your Couches and Lounge Furniture in Sturgeon Bay, WI

Posted at 9:24 AM

Summer is winding down in Sturgeon Bay, WI which means that those busy summer activities are making way for one last little bit of downtime and relaxation. This is great news for families who are coming out of a wildly busy summer, but not so great news for your lounge furniture that is probably about to get some seriously increased traffic. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings offers in-depth upholstery cleaning and lounge furniture cleaning, so your well-loved couch can come out of summer clean, fresh, and ready to be the centerpiece of those upcoming cozy fall nights.

Lounge furniture cleaning can be a major frustration for homeowners thanks to a myriad of reasons. Often, lounge furniture is a well-loved fixture in the household which means it’s not easy to find enough time to deep clean it. Lounge furniture also often consists of multiple materials such as cozy outer fabrics, absorptive stuffing, and delicate, bright colored adornments. For all the comfort these characteristics bring, they also are accompanied by a world of irritation in the cleaning world.

Stains on couches tend to go deep. Whether they’re pet inflicted, soda related, wine adjacent, or beyond, couch stains can sink in and stay put with a vengeance. Because of this, upholstery cleaning is a herculean task in itself. That isn’t even including unpleasant scents, dust, and dander that all naturally gravitate towards upholstery. Mix all of that with a heavily used piece of furniture and you have a recipe for stubborn (and recurring) messes.

Instead of fruitlessly attacking your couch cushions with every cleanser under the sun whenever a stain appears, consider reaching out to professional upholstery cleaning services instead. The benefits of good furniture cleaning goes beyond the aesthetics and ensures that your home has a cozy, clean, comfortable, end-of-summer hangout that everyone can enjoy. Plus, with professional furniture cleaning you can be sure that your favorite couch won’t end up discolored, torn, or unintentionally bleached.

Don’t let a messy couch interfere with the last of your summer relaxation. Contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings for all of your upholstery cleaning needs in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Call at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here for additional information on furniture cleaning and other professional cleaning services that we offer in your area.