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Thursday 8 December 2016

Keeping your Carpet Clear of Fire Damage in Sturgeon Bay, WI

Posted at 2:50 PM

A major downside of living in a modern home in Sturgeon Bay, WI, is that you probably have carpet. While this isn’t terrible on a day-to-day basis, in the event of fire damage, it can be a real pain in the shag. This isn’t to say that you should start tearing it up today just in case you ever drop a candle, but mastering carpet care, especially following a fire, can be a little more than some homeowners bargained for. Luckily, fire damage cleanup experts, such as those at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings, are prepared to help just in case things unexpectedly heat up.

The thing about carpets and fire damage is that they don’t really mingle well (not that fire damage really mingles well with anything). Carpet is made of a lot of little fibers, which means fire and its byproducts have an awful lot to grab onto.  Because of the makeup of most carpets, in the event of fire damage, it retains smoky smells, absorbs sooty stains, and in some cases, it might even melt. Basically, carpet can be a fire damage clean up nightmare.

In some cases, the smell of fire damage can be dealt with. It might involve keeping your windows open for weeks and vacuuming daily, but it can be done. Stains and melting are different stories. Depending on where the ash originated from, fire damage stains can be greasy, dusty, or just prone to smearing. If the fire damage is contained to a small area, you may be able to lift the stain with some very dedicated scrubbing, but it’s possible that your carpet will become discolored afterward. In these cases, if you don’t want to replace your carpeting, it’s best to rely on fire damage clean up experts.

Melted carpet, possibly the most frustrating result of all, often requires replacement.  This is especially true if the size of the fire damaged area is larger than a couple of inches. It’s possible to cut some burned fibers out with a small pair of clippers, but that could leave your floor looking uneven and damaged all the same. Often, the best option for this scenario is removing the melted section and transplanting a small space of carpet from another part of your home. This process could mask the damage, but requires a certain amount of precision to do convincingly. This is another time when relying on expert fire damage clean up skills will likely serve you better in the long run.

If you’ve experienced fire damage in your Sturgeon Bay, WI, home, contact the fire damage clean up experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here.