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Friday 6 March 2015

How to Choose Stain-Resistant Carpeting

Posted at 1:41 PM

Probably one of the most stain resistant carpet fibers is polyester. However, it lacks durability. This point illustrates the fact that a carpet can be great in one area yet lack in another. There is no one carpet which is best in all areas: durability, stain resistance, price, feel, and look and style. There are tradeoffs. You have to decide which factors are most important to you. You also have to decide how to best keep your carpet in its original condition. The professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings understand carpet very well. We know all the tricks to carpet cleaning in Green Bay.

But first, which stain-resistant carpet should you choose? Some fibers, like wool, don’t resist stains. They absorb them. Therefore, some type of stain treatment should be used. Nylon fibers, for instance, can be enveloped with stain treatment. If you have an area with high foot traffic, nylon may be your choice. Not only is it very durable, but with stain resistant treatment, it’s difficult to beat.

Denser carpet, or fibers that are packed more closely together, will be more durable as a general rule. But then, you have to consider which cost fits into your budget and which style you like best. These factors are all individual preference considerations.

Remember that even stain-resistant carpet requires care. If someone spills a liquid like wine on your carpet, you still have to sop it up with paper towels or a cloth. If you ignore it and the stain has a chance to set, the chances of getting the stain out later decrease.

When it comes to stain removal, time works against you. The longer you wait to address it, the more difficult it will be to “erase” it. Even so, the professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings will have a better chance of cleaning those tough stains. Carpet cleaning is one of our specialties. We have the proper equipment, training, products and procedures to tackle just about any carpet mishap you may encounter.

With all the varieties of carpet, you would think different methods of cleaning would be required. You would be correct. It’s easier to remove stains as they happen. But, sometimes you won’t capture all of it, or perhaps you don’t even notice one appeared until later.

Either way, we’d love to help you out. You made an investment in your carpet. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings professionals know you want to maintain the brand-new look of that investment. If you spot some stains and want them removed, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. If you want to regularly schedule carpet cleaning in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we can help. Protect your investment. Acquire peace of mind. You can count on us to do the job to your satisfaction.