Friday 1 July 2016

How Summer Can Subtly Hurt Your Sturgeon Bay, WI Home

Posted at 2:24 PM

It’s finally, undeniably summertime in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Temperatures are high and extreme weather conditions are appearing nearly every other weak. Extreme wind, extreme heat, extreme rain: the works. But with summer comes a less obvious risk to the average Wisconsin home owner: humidity. Though it mostly just seems like a nuisance, the water damage repair experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings know that humidity actually has the capacity to cause water damage to your home over time. And because instances of “extreme humidity” don’t really get reported in the news, it could mean big trouble for your home without a lot of warning.

Humidity isn’t just bad news for a good hair day; it’s also a deceptively sneaky way for excess water to get into your home. Humidity, as harmless as it may seem, can cause wood expansion and swelling, mold, and other types of water damage in your house. Basements, attics, storage rooms, and bathrooms are all especially susceptible to excess humidity in the summer. Often these rooms are not as tightly sealed as the rest of the house, or they don’t have the proper ventilation to prevent humidity issues.

Water damage is common in these locations because the water, with nowhere else to go, simply sticks to the walls and floors and slowly seeps into any available materials like fabrics and other porous substances. If left unattended, significant water damage may occur, which would require the services of a water damage repair team.

Signs of excess humidity and water damage can be detected by checking walls and carpets. Beads of condensation on the walls, damp fabrics or carpets, and musty smells are all signs that your home could be susceptible to water damage. It’s a good idea to check these problem areas in your home on particularly hot, humid days to pinpoint potential water damage. If such signs occur, providing access to additional ventilation byopening doors and windows may be an easy solution. The utilization of a dehumidifier or AC unit may be helpful as well, but if water damage has already occurred, contacting a professional water damage repair team is a viable and efficient option.

If you’re experiencing any signs of summer water damage in Sturgeon Bay, WI, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today at 920.336.7411 or visit their website here to arrange a water damage repair appointment. Don’t let a steamy summer get you down! Plan, prevent, and call for help if things start to look a little too damp.