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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Halloween Fire Prevention in Green Bay

Posted at 1:14 PM

In case of a Halloween fire emergency in Green Bay, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings for fire restoration.

Halloween costume parties and trick-or-treating are fun. Watching a fire destroy your home is not. Carving pumpkins and eating pumpkin seeds is fun. Surveying charred possessions is not. Baking ghoulish, gooey treats is fun. Looking for a new home because of a fire is not. Halloween should be fun, Green Bay residents! Ensure fire restoration won’t dampen the fervor of your holiday. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings wants you to pay particular attention to two items: candles and kitchens. If you follow these steps, you can limit your chance of a fire this Halloween.

We’re not referring to flame-less candles here. Rather, those jack-o-lantern candles need some extra precaution, along with candles on your dining room table or on your nightstand. Even if the flame doesn’t touch anything flammable, the hot wax might. Always pay close attention to candles while they burn.

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings wants to alert you to another potential hazard: sleep deprivation. It’s true. Our minds don’t function as well on little sleep. You think you snuffed the candle before bed, but didn’t. Or you didn’t check to make sure the flame was completely out. Or maybe you left a candle burning on the nightstand while you read. Seconds later, you’re asleep. Next, the wax overflows. The flame reaches wood or possibly curtains. Suddenly your happy Halloween becomes a real horror story. That’s not exactly how you originally envisioned your haunting holiday.

Kitchens can be a hazard as well, especially for the sleep deprived. Did you turn the oven off? Of course you did. Or, maybe not. You might be too tired to check. Don’t make that mistake. Cooking fires are one of the leading causes of destructive home fires. That would be quite a price to pay for some chocolate cupcake delicacies. It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings wants you to have a fun, safe Halloween. That’s why we’re calling attention to potential dangers.

Sometimes, Green Bay, fire restoration may be needed even despite your best efforts. If that’s the case, don’t delay — call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings right away. We have the best chance of restoring your possessions the sooner we can get there. Fire restoration is one of our specialties. Let’s all celebrate safely, and have a Happy Halloween!