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Friday 10 August 2018

Green Cleaning for your Pets and for the Planet in Oconto, WI

Posted at 9:19 AM

For many generations in Oconto, WI, the belief has been that the stronger the chemicals, the deeper the clean, and intense, eye-watering mixtures are sure to get your counter tops shiny and your wood floors gleaming. While there may be a tiny bit of truth to this, strong chemical cleaners also come with a lot of setbacks, not the least of which include health issues for family members and beloved pets.

The household cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings want homeowners to know that green cleaning is a revolutionary way to approach household cleaning for many reasons, but it makes all the difference in the world if you’re a household with family pets.

Your family pets are susceptible to every single product you decide to use in your home. This is in part because they’re simply breathing it in and have a tendency to lick anything and everything they can see and smell. Either way, if you’re doing household cleaning with a product that makes your throat sore when you breathe it in, you should always picture it exponentially worse for your pets that have much stronger senses.

The effects of toxic chemicals on your pets can range from simple irritation to being potentially fatal. Even if cleaning chemicals don’t negatively impact people, that doesn’t mean exposure isn’t dangerous to animals. A major factor that some pet owners don’t consider when using harsh household cleaning supplies is that pets are generally much smaller than their owners. This means that, even in small doses, chemicals can have a big impact on their little bodies. Green cleaning reduces that risk significantly by using solutions and ingredients that are safe to smell, lick, and even ingest. This doesn’t mean you should be giving Lassie a bowl full of green cleaning products, but you don’t have to worry about her getting a passing nose-full while you’re doing a little spring sprucing.

Green cleaning isn’t just a game changer for your pets; it’s also an important step towards globally conscious cleaning in a world dealing with rampant pollution. The solutions used in green cleaning are renewable, non-toxic, and often packaged in safe and re-usable ways. By making the switch to green cleaning, you’re making your home safer for yourself, your pets, and benefiting the world at large.

If you’re interested in updating your Oconto, WI household cleaning techniques or looking for pet-friendly professional green cleaning services, contact us at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today. Call (920) 336-7411 or visit our website to find out more about our green cleaning team.