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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Green Bay Homeowners: Do You Know How to Properly Store Your Garden Hose for the Winter?

Posted at 1:18 PM

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings addresses a simple solution to prevent water damage this winter.

Have you stored your garden hoses properly for winter? We don’t mean just coiling them by the side of the house. You need to disconnect your hose from the faucet and store it inside in a garage or basement. Any water left inside the hose will ultimately freeze and damage it. If that frozen hose were still connected to your faucet, Green Bay residents, you would need water damage restoration. Frozen water in a connected hose can cause a pipe in your house to burst. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings specialists are equipped and trained to handle all of your water damage restoration needs to your satisfaction.

To ensure no ice forms in your hose, drain the entire hose of any water. When you coil the dry hose, eliminate any kinks that could potentially crack the hose over time. It’s best to store your dry hose on a hanger off of the ground. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings recommends that you flush the outside faucet of water, too, after turning that water line off inside the building.

There’s only so much you can do, however. You may have your hoses and faucets in tip-top shape only to have a water main under a nearby road burst. A burst water main can spew tremendous amounts of water exceptionally fast, and that water can find a way into your home. We hope that never happens to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for what you would do in that unfortunate situation. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can help with a full complement of services: water removal, sewer backup, flooded basement, and water damage restoration. Green Bay residents can be assured help is just a phone call away.

Getting rid of unwanted water is our specialty. Restoring water-damaged items to their original luster is another. Winter may be coming, but Wisconsinites are tough! Now that you’re prepared and have a plan, call your partner in solutions, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings, whenever you need water removal or water damage repair.