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Wednesday 14 January 2015

Green Bay Carpet Cleaning Services for the Winter Months

Posted at 1:27 PM

Especially during the winter months, boots, shoes, and paws will grind rock salt, dirt, and other muck and grime into carpet fibers. It’s inevitable. Large rock salt particles are particularly effective at fraying and breaking those fibers apart. Vacuuming picks up loose debris, but not ground-in material. Therefore, you need more intensive, effective cleaning services.

For that professional and groomed carpet look, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings recommends regular carpet cleanings in Green Bay, WI. This isn’t just about aesthetics though. Regularly cleaned carpets last longer and look better. The more durable you can make your carpet, the less money you need to spend for new carpeting.

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings knows you take pride in your carpet. It’s one of the first things your guests or clients notice. At home, you want your visitors to know you not only respect them, but you are a good housekeeper. At the office, you want your clients to notice your professionalism. Regular carpet cleaning in Green Bay, WI gives you peace of mind so you can attend to more pressing matters, and helps your carpet remain beautiful and last longer.

Unfortunately for Wisconsin residents, there’s nothing anyone can do about winter. You can, however, ensure its effects don’t hamper your normal, daily routines. You can also ensure it doesn’t prematurely ruin your carpeting investment. Let the rock salt fall off boots, shoes, and paws onto your carpets. You have a secret weapon in Green Bay: ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. You’ll be impressed. Your guests will be impressed. Your clients will be amazed. Contact us to set up a thorough carpet cleaning for your home in Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Kewaunee, or Oconto, WI!