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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Floor Cleaning in Green Bay & Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Posted at 1:52 PM

With graduation fast approaching, it’s time to make plans for decorations, invitations, food, entertainment, and the floor. The floor, you ask? Yes, the floor! Remember how you’re supposed to be able to eat off of it? That’s only possible if you keep your floors dirt, grit, grease, dust and gooey free. May we recommend ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings for hard surface floor cleaning in the Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay areas?

Not only will you need cleaning before the party, but afterwards, too. Why should your guests be the only ones to enjoy such fine work? You should, too.

You’ll want hardwood floors to glow, laminate floors to shine, and stone floors to glisten. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings knows how to make floors pop.

Now that we’re rolling into summer, the social landscape will become more active. There’s Memorial Day, July 4th, homecoming get-togethers, summer cook outs, etc.

Do you really want to be cleaning for each and every gathering? That could put a damper on your ability to be that ever cheerful host and hostess.

Why not partake in the festivities and plan for the things you enjoy most? Leave the floor cleaning to others who specialize in pampering the feet. You know what we mean.

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings cleans floors so that your feet can’t resist slipping off the shoes. It’s only natural.

We can help take a load off of your many responsibilities. Floor cleaning in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay never gets any easier than that.

Invite as many people as you like. Have as many parties as you want. Serve as much food as you can afford. Even have your guests bring their pets.

We like a challenge. We think you’ll be pleased with the results. Call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings for hard surface floor cleaning in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay. We’ll help you bring your entertaining to a whole new level.