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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Fighting Back Against Pesky Bathroom Mold in Sturgeon Bay, WI. ServiceMaster Provides Mold Removal

Posted at 2:18 PM

Mold is just the worst. It stains, it lingers, and it grows back even after you spend an entire Saturday afternoon scrubbing at it with gusto. Removing it for good can be frustrating and time consuming, and settling for retaliating whenever it appears can be demoralizing. Bathroom mold in particular has the tendency of being stubborn and recurrent due to the damp nature of bathrooms, but even if you know this and acknowledge it, that doesn’t mean something black and fuzzy won’t appear behind the toilet again in a month’s time. What can a Sturgeon Bay, WI area homeowner do? In cases of constant or expansive mold, it’s wise to call the mold removal professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings to help with the problem. If the amount of mold is manageable and reachable, it might be time to invest in a new toothbrush.

No, fresh minty breath isn’t the solution to your bathroom mold problem! Some concentrated scrubbing with an appropriately sized brush, however, may be part of a possible solution. If you’re looking into managing bathroom mold on your own, then it’s time to assemble a mold removal tool kit. Some supplies may include a stiff-bristled toothbrush for scrubbing grout or narrow corners, a sponge for larger areas, a spray bottle, and some protective gloves. Once you have your supplies in order, it’s time to consider what method of mold removal you’re interested in.

If you’re looking for a chemical solution, bleach is an effective and popular option for certain bathroom surfaces. Bleach can, however, discolor certain surfaces, is very dangerous if mishandled, and should not be used on any surface that can absorb liquid. For instance, bleach is fine for porcelain, but not for wood. A good rule of thumb for bleach, or any other harsh chemicals, is to make sure you have a well ventilated work area and enough water for diluting. If for any reason you can’t properly ventilate your bathroom, only use the bleach for active scrubbing, and rinse immediately after. Never leave bleach soaking in a small room if there’s no way for the fumes to escape!

If you’re not comfortable using bleach or it doesn’t mesh with your bathroom set up, white vinegar is a popular substitute. Vinegar works fine for mold removal, and though it’s not as powerful as bleach, it is much safer. If you’re using vinegar you may need to repeat applications to prevent regrowth. Spray it on the affected area with your spray bottle and scrub with the appropriately sized brush. Vinegar is certainly stinky, but it won’t damage your lungs or skin like bleach can.

Once you’ve scrubbed away the visible mold, practice proper mold prevention, like making sure moisture can escape the room during showers. If you don’t have adequate ventilation in your bathroom, manually dry the areas where mold has a tendency to grow following showers or on humid days.

A little bit of regular upkeep should keep your bathroom mold at bay.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution or have found that your bathroom mold has spread further than you expected, contact the professional mold removal team at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Bathroom mold can be frustrating, but it’s not impossible to manage. Sturgeon Bay, WI residents can call today at 920.336.7411 or visit our website.