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Friday 17 April 2015

Extraction and Drying Services a Major Part of Water Damage Restoration in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Posted at 1:48 PM

Whether you have a plumbing leak, the rain spills into your home, or a flood covers your floor, your first priority is to get the excess water out. Your job doesn’t end there because mold doesn’t need much moisture to thrive. Besides, you don’t want your house to rot. Your second priority is to dry your home thoroughly. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings offers water extraction and drying services in Green Bay, WI specifically for difficult situations like those described above.

After all the standing water is removed we can begin our drying service. Our specialized equipment can remove all that moisture so you will be able to keep your original materials. It also dries those nooks, crannies, and other hidden areas that you can’t see.

If you call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings soon enough, we will have a good chance of being able to restore any previously water-soaked possessions.

What does all of this mean for you?

  1. Peace of mind knowing experts are in charge of the situation. We will handle your possessions as though they were our own.
  2. Minimized replacement cost for refurbished items.
  3. A more concentrated focus on the future rather than having to dwell on what happened. Once you take action, even if that action is delegated to someone else, you have more confidence to plan the next steps.
  4. Quicker turnaround from flooded living quarters back to normal life. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings has the equipment, proven methods, and trained staff to do a complete job in less time than it would take you.

While you may not be worried about flooding, regardless of the cause, happening to you, rest assured that if it does, you can count on us in the Sturgeon Bay area for water damage restoration, extraction and drying services to keep your home livable.

We at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings have given you four good reasons for choosing us as your service provider. We clean, we dry, and we please to your satisfaction.