Wednesday 18 July 2018

Extending the Life of Your Sturgeon Bay, WI Upholstery with Proper Upholstery Care

Posted at 9:17 AM

Upholstery care is one of those household chores that many Sturgeon Bay, WI families do completely differently. Some may spot-clean spills when they happen but never do a deep clean. Others may stick to vacuuming exclusively and never introduce liquids into the mix. And there are those who don’t clean the upholstery at all. Each of these examples has at least part of the right idea, but for upholstery cleaning that’s effective, turning to the professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings will ensure you get the right care plan for your home every time.

If you’re a family that tends to spot clean, vacuum, or ignore, you might be doing enough upholstery care to keep your upholstery going for a time without intervention. Spot cleaning is great in emergencies but can wear down portions of the upholstery unevenly. Vacuuming is nice for maintenance, but it won’t be effective beyond the outer layer. Ignoring is surprisingly effective because you’re not speeding the wear and tear along by over-cleaning, but it’s never a great plan.

Proper upholstery cleaning prevents damage, but only if you truly do it properly. Utilizing harsh chemical solutions, abrasive materials, or the wrong cleaner for each individual component can lead to preventable wear and tear that your upholstery won’t recover from. If you’re performing your upholstery care unevenly, it’ll eventually become obvious to the naked eye. It could be in the form of discoloration, fiber tears, or look like a layer of dust that never seems to disappear.

When it comes to upholstery care it’s important to remember that the life of your upholstery depends upon you. Ignore it and it will wear beyond recognition. Use the wrong chemical and you end up at the same destination, only quicker. Upholstery cleaning is a fickle beast that often needs a professional touch if you want it done properly, but when done right, the life of your upholstery can be extended beyond your broadest expectations.

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