Friday 7 August 2015

Debris Removal After a Storm in Green Bay & Sturgeon Bay, WI

Posted at 2:45 PM

Remember the game Pick-Up Sticks where you drop several colorful, wooden sticks in a haphazard pile? The challenge was to delicately remove each stick without upsetting the others. Debris removal in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin after a storm can be like Pick-Up Sticks. The professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings urge you to use caution.

If a nasty storm only drops a couple of small branches in your yard, consider yourself lucky. When one or more trees topple, your situation becomes a bit more complex. You may be tempted to rush out and start clearing the area right away. Use caution: a tangled mess of limbs and leaves could hide downed electrical wires.

Depending on how trees and branches have broken or fallen, branches or trees on top could be exerting pressure on those below, just like in the game of Pick-Up Sticks. Only debris removal in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay in this case isn’t a game.

First, let utility crews remove any downed electrical wires before proceeding further.

Once you’ve surveyed the area and feel certain you’ve identified any other hazards, make sure you don protective eyewear, footwear, a hard hat, and chaps, if using a chainsaw.

Keep these safety tips in mind when using a chainsaw:

  • Get a partner
  • Only work at ground level
  • Always keep both hands on the chainsaw handles
  • Don’t cut higher than at waist level
  • Always pay attention to how tree limbs move as you cut
  • Beware of any chainsaw kickback when cutting at an end or tip
  • Quit when you’re tired. Let someone else continue or resume after you have rested

Debris removal isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes stamina, alertness, and safety precautions.

Keep in mind that not all damaged trees need to be cut down. If only a few branches broke but the tree remains standing, consider restorative pruning instead.

If your property becomes littered with fallen trees or branches, you could get a partner to help you out with a chainsaw. Better yet, you could save time and aggravation by contacting ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings for your debris removal needs in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI.