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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Common Causes of Basement Flooding in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI and How to Avoid Them

Posted at 2:10 PM

There’s never a good time for a basement flood. Say you’ve just moved into your new place in Green Bay but the next day water invades and suddenly you’re stuck wondering if you picked a dud. Not a nice accompaniment to a house warming party! But then again, if you’ve lived in your Sturgeon Bay home for years and suddenly flooding strikes, it’s like being betrayed by an old friend. “I thought we knew each other!” you may yell into the rising water, but alas, carpets are ruined, couches are moldy, and a friendship is broken forever. In situations like these it’s nice to have a reliable friend like ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings to turn to, but what can you do to prevent basement flooding in the first place? There are three important things that you, as a home owner, can keep an eye on to prevent basement flooding: Sloping, Structure, and Severe Weather.

The first step, sloping, should actually be considered before purchasing a home or moving into a new location. No matter where in Wisconsin you live, the slope of the ground around your basement will impact the likelihood of floods occurring. For instance, if the land around your home all slopes downward toward your property, you may be in a difficult position. You don’t want your home to be seated in the perfect location for a scenic pond, so consider the way water may flow when you buy, rent, or build a new home. If you’re already settled in and it seems like water may be coming your way, don’t despair! There are still plenty of forms of flood mitigation to keep your basement dry and dandy.

Regardless of the geographical placement of your home, structure is vital for keeping your basement dry. Cracks in foundations, poorly sealed walls, or inadequately designed sewer systems can all be catalysts in basement flooding. Even the smallest gap in a wall is plenty of room for a veritable waterfall to find its way inside. The best way to deal with structural issues is to address them as soon as you find them before nature finds a way in!

Nature certainly has a way of making things difficult when you least expect it, so the best you can do is try to expect it! Severe Weather is incredibly difficult to plan for, but excessive rain, heavy snow melts, and frozen pipes can be an unprepared homeowner’s worst nightmare. Looking over your area’s flood maps and having a flood mitigation contingency plan (such as a maintained sump pump) can help prevent water damage and even prevent basement flooding all together.

Sometimes, even despite all of your efforts, water will work its way into your home. While it can be incredibly annoying, it’s not an unfixable situation. If you’re a Green Bay or Sturgeon Bay, WI resident and you’ve experienced water damage (or are concerned that you might this winter), feel free to contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdingstoday for a consultation. We can help you clean up, or give you more tips on how to avoid a mess in the first place. Call us at 920.336.7411 or visit our website!