Wednesday 6 April 2016

Common Carpet Stains and Carpet Cleaning in Oconto, WI

Posted at 8:45 AM

A party gone wrong, a pet gone rogue, or a pen gone missing can be the ;fine dividing line between a clean house and a soiled carpet. Depending upon the stain, the solution might be hot water, cold water, household products, or professional help from Oconto, Wisconsin’s ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. No matter which method you choose, here‘s are a few quick tips for how to tackle troublesome carpet stains as soon as they appear.


The first rule of home carpet cleaning is to work quickly, and this is especially true with red wines stains. If you are able to sop it up before it really sinks in, you’ll be in better shape, and if you’re really speedy, it may not stain at all. Dab repeatedly with a light colored cloth and add a little water to thin out the wine. Wine stains are not an “I’ll get around to it in the morning” kind of stain; so if it’s little, you can tackle it after the fact, you may have to put a little more work into coaxing it out. Some swear by hydrogen peroxide or baking soda on dark colored stains, but both of these products can cause discoloration. so if the wine stain doesn’t come up with good old –fashioned water, you may want to consider professional carpet cleaning.


Pet stains can be a real issue for homeowners. because not only does it mean that Poochy still needs training, but they also have the potential to smell. Some carpet stains are only problematic to the appearance of your carpet, but pet stains come with that little extra bonus. You may have to deodorize as well as lift the stain, depending upon how long it’s been there, so be prepared. If the stain is fresh, dabbing with warm water and dabbing will work like it did with the wine. If the stain has set, consider a white vinegar and warm water solution paired with some baking soda to remove the color and the smell. Spritz the stain with the vinegar and water to lift the stain, and then dab it gently. Apply the baking soda and spritz on top of it again to activate the cleanser— volcano style. Dab dry and repeat until the stain is no longer visible or smell–able. However, if the stain is from a bigger pet and has soaked deeply into the carpet, don’t hesitate to contact a professional carpet cleaning service such as ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Those types of carpet stains can be stubborn and stinky.


Ink may not seem as common nowadays since we’ve graduated from ink wells and parchment, but when that pen gets stepped on, you’ll be happy to know the secrets to removing it. Ink causes a terrible carpet stain because it’s designed to stain. Ink is heavily pigmented and made to be durable because ideally, it’s only supposed to end up on paper. Because of this, you may need to put some power behind this carpet cleaning. The common cleaner for ink is rubbing alcohol and warm water. Apply the alcohol to a rag and do some good old– fashioned dabbing. Once the stain has been partially lifted and the ink has reactivated, dab the remains with the warm water. If the stain doesn’t budge— then you guessed it, —it’s time to call for a little help.

If you’re dealing with more than a single splotch, or if the stain has set too much to clean, contact the professional carpet cleaning team at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Throwing more and more chemicals at your carpet stains can do more harm than good; you could end up just permanently discoloring the spot instead of just taking up the stain. Proper carpet cleaning is a mix between power and preciseness that may be difficult to achieve without professional help. Residents of Oconto, WI can call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at 920.336.7411.