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Monday 11 April 2016

Commercial Fire Safety Tips in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 2:17 PM

Commercial fire safety can be a lot to handle as a business owner or employee in Green Bay, WI. Managing the safety of people and knowing an error can be very damaging can be a lot of pressure for one person or a designated fire safety team to deal with. Luckily, thanks to modern fire restoration resources, companies such as ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can restore a commercial building in the event of a fire. But preventing a fire in the first place is always the best option. If you’re working for or managing a commercial building, consider some of these fire safety tips and keep your staff and colleagues prepared.

First and foremost, make sure that everyone knows the company fire plan. It’s one thing to have the plan posted on a bulletin board somewhere, but actually practicing and discussing the plan is the safer option by far. Fire drills don’t have to stop after you’re out of school, and planning them for your business is a great way to keep everyone ready to act if anything happens. A commercial fire safety plan should include escape routes, locations of extinguishers (and demonstrations), and detailed instructions for keeping customers out of harms way if you deal with the public. These plans can be reviewed at regular meeting times so everyone will know their role if the time comes.

Secondly, get to know your local fire department. If you’re not sure your building is up to code, you can contact your fire department and ask for commercial fire safety explanations and examples. They may even help you arrange a safety check of your building to eliminate fire safety hazards such as blocked stairwells or old electrical outlets. Fire restoration specialists can also offer suggestions about how to reduce threats in your building and tailor them to your situation.

Finally, consider the arrangement of your company kitchen areas. This may seem inconsequential, but having a multitude of people using different appliances all day, every day increases the chances of an incident. This isn’t avoidable, but you can still be safe about it. Keep electrical appliances away from water sources, unplug appliances at the end of the day, and encourage employees to check when they’re nearby that stoves, ovens, hot plates, candles, and microwaves are either off or being attended to. All of these small steps can make a world of fire safety difference.

If your Green Bay, WI commercial business has been impacted by a fire, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings to prevent business from being interrupted any longer than necessary. Our fire restoration team will get your business back in working order as quickly as possible. Contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings at 920.336.7411, or via our website here. Practice careful commercial fire safety, and don’t be afraid to call for help.