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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Commercial Cleaning of Offices in Green Bay & Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Posted at 2:00 PM

When business is booming, it can be difficult to schedule the right time to clean your offices. No time seems convenient because the office is full of employees or the storefront is full of customers. Yet, it needs to be done in order to keep your facility in tip top shape. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings has a few suggestions for you in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin to service your commercial cleaning needs.

  1. Employees generally take their vacations during the summer months. Why not check the schedule for when the crew will be the lightest? Then schedule a thorough, deep cleaning of all your office areas during that time. There’s no other more opportune time to ensure everything gets cleaned to its optimal state.
  2. Another good time for a commercial cleaning overhaul in the Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay areas is whenever you have renovations. Typically, renovations occur during the summer months. Entire sections of your business may be vacated to accommodate any new additions. While the contractors may do some of the cleanup, we can finish the job.
  3. Summer office parties for employees is another good excuse for thorough commercial cleaning both before and after. Before the party, you want everyone to be impressed. After the party, you don’t want anyone to know a party was even held.

Regardless of the reason, the goal should be to keep your business running smoothly while your offices always look their best. Specific events  like those mentioned lend themselves to thorough commercial cleaning opportunities.

You can be even more prepared by scheduling regular cleaning. Each round doesn’t need to be as thorough. Yet, regular maintenance means your customers and your employees will come to view clean surroundings as normal.

When you meet the expectations of your customers and employees, your business will run more smoothly. Who doesn’t want seamless productivity?

Instead of waiting for the next big event, set up a commercial cleaning schedule with the professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings in the Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay areas.