Tuesday 22 December 2015

Commercial Carpet Selection and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI

Posted at 2:00 PM

Business owners in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI have likely noticed that winter in the upper Midwest has been more wet than white this season, which means that store owners get to enjoy the sloppy, slushy stomping of their slightly slippery store-goers. This weather has not only been disappointing for snowboarders, but it’s also doing quite the number on commercial carpets everywhere. Along with street grit and your everyday mud, winter wetness also often brings salt in from the outside world. Salt can stain, harden, or discolor any carpet that it comes in contact with. Wet carpet is unhappy carpet, and with enough dampness and time, it can become ruined carpet. The experts at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings understand the ins and outs of carpet drying and they can help you restore your store. If you’re relying on your carpet to survive the winter, make sure that you’ve chosen the best carpet for your business.

It’s difficult to deny that if you operate a high traffic location in a damp climate, carpet is a better option than tile or wood. Dealing with slick surfaces can be dangerous for workers and customers alike, and cleaning your carpets regularly is simpler than dealing with twisted ankles and bruised hips. But while commercial carpet in general has many upsides, poorly chosen carpeting can lead to a lot of headaches and frustration. Make sure that when you’re choosing which carpet is right for your business you consider color, coarseness, and cleaning options.

The color of the carpet may seem frivolous, but choosing something too light or too bright can result in a permanent mud-trail from the register to the door. It’s best to play it safe with grays, blacks, and earth tones, particularly if you’re expecting a lot of earth to make its way indoors. If you’re committed to a lighter tone, make sure that the highest traffic paths are covered with runners or additional protective rugs. Otherwise, as soon as it rains there will be a lasting imprint of every visitor that walks through your doors … which would be nice if it wasn’t from their feet.

The coarseness of the carpet is also essential to consider when it comes to choosing a lasting commercial carpet. Proper carpet drying after inclement weather can be difficult to manage if a hyper-porous or spongy carpet is chosen. Though you may want your customers to experience a soft and fuzzy atmosphere when they enter your establishment, it shouldn’t be happening beneath their soles. Stick with short, wiry fibers, and the chances of dirt buildup and frequent mold growth will decrease substantially. This type of industrial carpet may not be as comfortable, but it’s easier to manage and maintain than shag.

And of course, you can’t forget to take into account cleaning options. The secret of commercial carpet cleaningis that it must be done often, on large scales, and with meticulous care. A single sweep with a vacuum after a rainstorm won’t have quite the oomph required to restore your carpet to its original, pristine condition, so choose a carpet that can withstand a lot of attention (i.e. abuse). Anything that unravels, tears, knots, or clumps won’t be able to handle everything that a true Wisconsin winter will throw at it.

Taking these recommendations into consideration, if you’ve already been landed with an imperfect carpet, don’t despair! The expert commercial carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can work with whatever your carpet has to offer, regardless of color or fluffiness. If you’re in Green Bay or Sturgeon Bay, WI and are having trouble dealing with stains, spots, mold, or significant water damage, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today at 920.336.7411 for information on how to dry your carpets and salvage your floors.