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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Christmas Fire Prevention Tips for Green Bay Residents

Posted at 1:17 PM

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings wishes you a happy holiday season!

It used to be common practice to put candles on Christmas trees. Thank goodness we now use electric lights! No one needs a house fire at such a joyous time of year. Even if you use Christmas lights, Green Bay, Wisconsin, keep tree branches and decorations from touching the bulbs. LED lights are no exception. Even though ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings provides the best in fire damage remediation and restoration services, prevention is always the best policy!

If you have a live tree, keep it watered. A dry tree can act as a tinderbox. Keep track of your small children and pets, too. Any enticing ornaments left dangling within reach may encourage them to innocently pull on the branches and accidently yank the tree down.

Have you checked all of your strands of lights and electrical connections, Green Bay? Fire restoration tends to be needed when safety precautions are ignored. If any component is loose or not providing electricity properly, it’s time for a replacement. Don’t leave anything to chance. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings wants your holidays to be devoid of house fires.

Although Christmas lights mesmerize us with awe and wonder, be sure you don’t leave the lights on when no one is home. One mishap could potentially result in unintentional fire damage to your home.

While we’re on the subject of fire safety, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings also wants Green Bay residents to avoid house fires by attending to their cooking in the kitchen. More building fires start in the kitchen than anywhere else.

Kitchens tend to be busier than normal during the holidays. Keep yourself and others safe. Aprons, pot holders, papers, and towels don’t belong on a hot stove. If you’ve never attempted preparing a certain recipe before, find out what the proper cooking techniques are before you even begin. For instance, if you’ve never used a kitchen torch, and don’t know what you’re doing, maybe it’s best to forego that step, or not prepare that dish until after you’ve received the proper instruction.

Green Bay, if you do need fire damage restoration, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. We’d prefer you kept your fires in your fireplaces though. Happy Holidays, and be safe!