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Wednesday 13 September 2017

Brightening Up Your Sturgeon Bay, WI Business With Upholstery Cleaning

Posted at 3:39 PM

Keeping a clean space for clients and workers at your Sturgeon Bay, WI, business can be the difference between lagging numbers and booming progress. Though it may seem vaguely supernatural, people have a natural tendency to take in their environments in imperceptible ways and make judgments without even realizing they’re doing so. It doesn’t take a master detective to figure out that damp, dirty, or dusty environments leave a bad taste in the mouths of consumers. ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings can ensure that getting your commercial upholstery cleaned will help your offices and storefront feel fresher and more welcoming to employees and clients alike.

Having your commercial upholstery cleaned can make your office feel brighter by literally brightening the colors on the fabrics in your place of business. Bright, clean furniture can draw the eye in a pleasant and memorable way as well as add a bit of flavor to your workers’ daily environment. This upholstery cleaning technique also works for more subtle colors such as white or beige as well because they tend to become dingy more quickly and in noticeable ways.

Along with the pleasant aesthetics, clean furniture and curtains also lend to an environment that makes employees and visitors feel relaxed and healthy. In opposition, lingering smells of must, oil, or food can lead to feelings of claustrophobia or nausea. The simple act of keeping your upholstery tidy can help wash away those feelings with minimal effort. Regular upholstery cleaning also prevents allergens from building up on your fabric surfaces, which can provide additional comfort to employees and clients with sensitivities or asthma.

Professional upholstery cleaning provides all of these benefits and more when you enlist the help of experts with ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. Make a difference at your Sturgeon Bay, WI, business today and have your commercial upholstery cleaned, perked up, and prepped for a long commercial life. Contact us today at (920) 336-7411 or by visiting our website.