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Friday 5 December 2014

Black Mold Removal in Green Bay, WI

Posted at 1:23 PM

ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings provides expert mold removal services in Green Bay, WI, which can even get rid of black mold.

Have you seen any black mold lately, Green Bay residents? Actually, it isn’t that uncommon to find mold in a home at some point. Black mold looks like dirt. To distinguish the difference, apply a few spots of household bleach to the affected area. If it doesn’t lighten up in a couple of minutes, you have dirt. If it’s just a small area, you could try cleaning it up on your own. Otherwise, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. We can accurately identify the type of mold and thoroughly clean the moldy areas to prevent further infestation.

Mold is a pesky nuisance. When it appears, you don’t want to let it fester. It will only get worse, so mold removal is your only option for elimination. Mildew typically stays on the surface. Some types of mold, however, can even cause rot, which can affect your building’s structure. Any mold is a pain to clean, but there’s no alternative, unless you have a professional like ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings take care of it for you.

After you spot and test for black mold, respond quickly. If you don’t, it will grow into a larger problem for you. We’re sure you don’t need any more of those. Green Bay residents, black mold needs damp conditions to survive. It might be good to check all potentially damp areas of your home occasionally for mold.

While no fun, mold removal is essential. The microscopic spores released by mold allow it to grow and put allergens in the air. Some types of mold found in the Green Bay area are toxic. The professionals at ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings have the proper training and equipment to clear your air by making your mold nuisance a thing of the past.

Bleach, a mold killer, is one substance you have to be extra careful with. You need to wear gloves and a respirator. Bleach can be highly toxic when mixed with other chemicals as well. You won’t have to worry about any of this if you simply call ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings for mold removal in Green Bay, Wisconsin. You won’t regret it.