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Thursday 12 October 2017

Allergies and Alternative Green Cleaning Options for Green Bay, WI Locals

Posted at 3:42 PM

Living with allergies in a nature-friendly city like Green Bay, WI, can be a real pain in the neck, and the nose, throat, eyes, and chest. During allergy-heavy times like ragweed season in the Midwest, sometimes your home may feel like the only reprieve you have from sniffles and sneezes. Luckily, ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings offers green home cleaning services that can ensure your allergies will be left at the door so you can actually feel at home…at home.

Keeping your house allergy-proof can be a challenge if you’re sensitive to chemical smells or strong cleaning sprays and solutions. Even common cleaning products can be enough to irritate eyes and throats through contact and short exposure. Green cleaning alternatives offer body-safe solutions that won’t leave you gasping after a single round with your kitchen counters. The simple formulas used in most green cleaning products have basic and easy-to-understand ingredients, which means that pinpointing what’s irritating your allergies is suddenly much simpler.

Green home cleaning also has the benefit of often being cheaper, environmentally conscious, and safer to use for all ages. If you have trouble getting the whole family involved in cleaning because of allergy-related discomfort, changing-up your formulas to a green cleaning option could be all it takes to make sure every family member can pitch in with the chores. The lack of manufactured chemicals means that there’s less chance of skin irritation, watering eyes, and many other basic discomforts that could be deterring your kids from grabbing a sponge and bucket.

Along with being kid-safe, green home cleaning is also generally pet safe as well. This means that those impacted by dander or fur-related allergies wont’ have to worry about regular cleanings irritating your pets. Green home cleaning is a great option for pet owners to restore the equilibrium in the home without having to put Fido in the garage.

If you’re a Green Bay, WI, homeowner who suffers from seasonal allergies and is ready to make your home a sneeze-free sanctuary, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings today to discuss our green cleaning options. Give us a call at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website for information.